Directed and animated by Rita Ataide Novais and Sophie Colfer
'Dragonfly' was a commissioned project by the Horniman Museum and Gardens for their temporary exhibition 'Colour: the Rainbow Revealed' in February 2018. In this short animation, we aimed to explore the brightness and extraordinary colours of the dragonfly’s world and bring to life the aspects of transformation and adaptation to air and new terrain. We begin with the metamorphosis of a dragonfly and follow her journey from watery beginnings into the world of colour in nature.
Dragonflies begin and spend the majority of their lives as underwater nymphs. When ready to become an adult, a dragonfly nymph breaks the water’s surface and climbs up a reed, a process that usually occurs at night. It adapts to breathing air and crawls on upward until it stops and anchors itself firmly to the reed. Its metamorphosis then begins as the adult dragonfly emerges, arching and falling backwards. Its wings unfurl, it tests its flying skills, and as it matures, it turns scarlet colour, completing the transformation.

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